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Leightons specialists take a proactive approach to Compliance, whilst understanding the impact of Regulatory requirements on any fee earning time for the Compliance officer roles (COLP/COFA) and their deputies. 

To support practices in this, although we do not take on the role of COLP or COFA we can ensure that those designated with the role are actively supported by one of our Compliance specialists, that we deliver clear yet robust in house systems, will provide regular updates on key regulatory changes, all of which are designed to minimise the impact on Compliance officer time, effectively minimising the impact on both fee earner and management time.

We can develop and implement compliance procedures providing clear advice on legislative requirements, we will analyse current in house systems to reduce time spent and we will work collaboratively with the compliance officers to effectively minimise risk for the practice.

Services included within our compliance packages are (but are not limited to):

  • COLP and COFA support
  • Compliance policies and Procedures
  • Central Registers
  • Diversity data 
  • Compliance updates
  • Contract and tender Regulations

Where required our specialists will implement new robust Compliance systems, including the development and implementation of in house procedures to ensure the practice remains in line with Regulation.

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