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Leightons works in collaboration with Horsepools Legal Costs Ltd, who offer a specialised costs drafting service. Director, Oliver Horsepool, a qualified Cost Lawyer, has been working in the niche field of legal aid cost since 2008. Horsepools appreciate that being a legal aid practitioner in the current climate is difficult and that in turn the margins to turn a profit are ever more challenging. Horsepools will structure a plan which helps you achieve a level of service that is most efficient for you.

Horsepools remain focused on the quality of work to assist in preventing the number of bills that are rejected, which in turn will improve your KPI’s, rejection rates and increase cash flow.

Combined with Horsepools, we can deliver an all-round unique service with the focus being to improve profit margins, reduce unnecessary non-chargeable time, improve operational performance and support development in busy practices nationwide.

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